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Producing a semi-automatic pistol was a daunting task for an established company comfortable and identified with revolvers. Yet in the 50's and 60's Smith and Wesson began developing the Model 39, a double action, single stack, 9mm automatic pistol that was different than what was in the market. Innovation is always painful and the development was long and hard with many dead ends. But in the end Model 39 was a leap forward in pistol design and it was--as Roy Jinks has pointed--Smith's first successful automatic introduction.

The models included in the Model 39 family are 52, 439, 539, and 639. There is not grip difference for these models. Note the Model 39 family has a curved backstrap, the Model 59 family grip has a straight backstrap and is a double stack pistol.


S&W Model 39 Classic Panel White Pearl