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The D-Day Commemorative

Springfield 1911 .45 ACP - Grade AA

June 6, 1944. D-Day.

“Your task will not be an easy one.” -Gen Eisenhower - At dawn, the largest amphibious force in history began landing on the beaches of occupied Normandy. There were 4,216 landing ships, seven battleships, 139 destroyers, and 156,000 Allied troops assembled to commence Operation Overlord, the codename for the Battle of Normandy. They faced an entrenched, fully mechanized, battle-hardened German force.

“The eyes of the world are upon you.” Each Soldier, Sailor and Airmen had an individual story as to how they had reached this day - and behind them perhaps a family at home, praying and expectantly waiting news. The fate of the world hung in the balance. There was no Plan B.

“We will accept nothing less than full Victory!” As men fell and blood drenched the beaches, they continued to advance. At Omaha Beach, they scaled the treacherous cliffs at brutal casualties. All told, 4,414 would pay the ultimate price, with thousands more injured. Yet the foothold had been established. In less than a calendar year on May 8, 1945, victory in Europe would be declared.

This edition is a tribute to the courage, heroism, and sacrifice shown at D-Day. The left side of this classic 1911 features a dramatic landing scene based off historical photos. Waves crest at the landing craft near the beach turned battlefield. The right side features a historically accurate battleship - the USS Texas - in active support of the landing. Deep relief scroll breaches the borders of the scenes, as a flag subtly accents the scroll to the rear of the serrations. The spring covers feature a helmet-inspired texture.

On the top of the slide, a B-17 Flying Fortress supported by a P-51 Mustang soars over a map of Normandy and the English channel. ‘OVERLORD’ is deeply carved to the rear. Classic American Walnut grips on a gorgeous case-hardened frame complete the vintage look. And finally, on the frontstrap, engraved is a soldier's M1 carbine and helmet. May we never forget their sacrifice, and the day that changed the course of history: June 6, 1944 - D-Day.

-Merlin Enright, Master Engraver

Note from the engraver:

I had been working on this concept since the 75th anniversary a few years ago, as I thought that a more spectacular edition was needed to commemorate such a momentous event. In all fairness, nothing can really do D-Day justice. However, I hoped to create an edition at least worthy of passing down to the next generation. I do fear that some of the values and ideals exemplified on that day - Courage, Honor, Sacrifice - could in our modern society be relegated to an ‘old-fashioned’ and archaic approach to life. General Eisenhower and President Roosevelt were united in ‘beseeching the Almighty God for his blessing’ in national prayer. It was indeed a different time.

My son will never meet his grandfather, who volunteered for deployment during the Vietnam War as a combat medic. He will never meet his great-grandfather of the WWII 442nd Regiment or his other ancestors who fought in the Great War. But I hope he shares their values. Someday he will be old enough to appreciate this edition, and the story that goes behind it. I hope he never takes the past for granted. He comes from the line of the Greatest Generation, and that is something worth remembering.

Stock photos shown. This is not a one of one engraved firearm, but is engraved with the same care and attention to execute this spectacular pattern one gun at a time. This edition does not currently have an edition limit, and is primarily limited by the time associated with and difficulty of engraving.

A presentation box is also available as an optional add-on. USA Made. The box includes a Velvet Pillow for gun placement. Choose from American Walnut or Cherry, with solid wood lid or with glass lid.

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ModelSpringfield 1911 Garrison (PX9420)
Caliber.45 ACP
Barrel Length5 Inch
Frame FinishColor Case Hardened
Part NumberS1911-DDY-AA
Engraving GradeAA
EngravingD-Day Commemorative
GripsCustom Engraved American Walnut
DesignerMerlin Enright
usa sticker


Merlin Enright
My father loved engraving. Specifically, he admired the bold and creative style of American Style Engraving. He had previously worked with the Colt Custom Shop supplying custom ivory grips, and also with outstanding American engravers like Ron Smith. “The European scroll and bulino engraving is nice, but it’s a little light for my taste,” he often told me. “...My heart is really with the American engraving style.”

"My heart is really with the American engraving style."

His design tastes and sense rubbed off on me as we worked together, and as I began to learn about engraving. I attended my first FEGA (Firearms Engraving Guild of America) Show in Reno at age seventeen. It was an epiphany. I had never seen anything like it. From that moment, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of the world of engraving.

My engraving journey had begun. I started studying engraving, including instruction under FEGA master Rex Pedersen. Years passed, and I was fortunate to work with my father full-time at Altamont. Our company primarily specialized in designing and making pistol grips, ranging from high volume production grips to speciality exclusives. We continued to do custom projects and designs, sometimes crossing paths with well-known engravers such as Lee Griffiths.

We had worked with TALO Distributors on the specialty pistol grip side for many years. In 2012, we created the Colt 1911 Iwo Jima tribute for them as a limited edition - One of 300. It was an unprecedented deep relief engraving, and the start of Altamont engraved guns. Six years and numerous projects later we are still refining our craft, and honing our design and engraving skills. Altamont, and I personally, have come a long way. But in engraving, the journey never ends. There is always a new idea to try, and a new steel canvas waiting.

There is always a new idea to try, and a new steel canvas waiting.

We want to bring a unique and bold approach to every engraving project we touch. We hold ourselves to a very high standard. Behind any great engraving are countless hours of agonizing failure and revisions to a design. Beyond any hammer, air-powered graver, or engraving machine, there is a driving vision to see the idea to completion. We believe that the extra hours and effort makes all the difference. It’s worth it.

If we have captured even a portion of American boldness and creativity in our engraving, we have been successful. We thank you for your support, as we continue our engraving journey.


Merlin Enright


Engraving Grading Information


Altamont Factory Engraved Series firearms feature exclusive patterns designed by master engravers, perfected and executed one gun at a time. Multiple firearms in each configuration will be produced, although production is limited by the many hours of engraving time and hand craftsmanship applied to each individual firearm.


Altamont Special Edition Series firearms feature unique, thematic patterns designed by master engravers, with a set Limited Edition quantity that cannot be exceeded. As these firearms will be more rare and ultimately more difficult to obtain, they may have additional collector interest.


GRADE AFactory Engraving Coverage of the main firearm sections. Standard depth of traditional deep relief engraving.
GRADE AAExtensive Engraving Coverage including special detailing on accent components. Special or extra depth considerations specifically custom to the engraving pattern.
GRADE AAAMaster Level Coverage. Exquisite and complex detailing and coverage. Engraved at the ideal or maximum depth of spectacular deep relief engraving.
EXHIBITION / MUSEUM GRADEPerfectly engraved firearms with no perceivable flaws, exhibition wood or ‘one of a kind’ exotic material.
PROTOTYPE / CUSTOM GRADEEarly, unique or deviant versions of an engraving pattern, which may reflect the development of the engraving pattern, may be ‘one of a kind’ or highly rare for certain features, and may be of collector interest.

Note : On Altamont Factory Engraved Series firearms produced by Colt Mfg., the traditional Colt Coverage Grading System - A / B / C / D Coverage - may be referenced.